Nobe Italia , founded in 2018, is one of the most significant contemporary design brands.
Since its inception, Nobe Italia has stood out for its completely creative vision and strong curatorial focus, which showcases works created in the studio alongside unique and limited edition pieces.
The passion for design and the use of materials; research that starts from the roots of the project and develops in a process of total exemplification of the form.
"Remove, get to the essence, and let emerge that rhythm that governs forms and the beauty that softens them".

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The NoBe ITALIA project was born from the idea and the desire to create design works characterized by a strong artistic sense. Each object is conceived in its uniqueness and it is this first phase that transforms the idea into form. NoBe does not follow preconceptions or dictates related to the design industry, what we want to convey is an artistic path.

- We don't like schematisms, having to say that a chair is necessarily a chair. A chair can be viewed in many different ways. The design of the 30s-40s and 50s is a source of great inspiration. In the collection pure forms are the protagonists and what NoBe tries to convey is that we have to interpret our work, it is the viewer who decides how to decipher the message. The pieces of NoBe ITALIA handcrafted exclusively on request. We love being able to say that we are Italian and I want our pieces to represent our Italian spirit to the maximum. The attention to detail and the continuous search for solutions is transmitted within our works, always obtaining unique objects-

NoBe ITALIA uses materials of absolute refinement and quality. The collection bases its image on the use of pure elements such as marble, metals and wood. The metal, stone and wood working processes are entirely carried out in artisan workshops, making each piece unique.